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Current Exhibition at Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood

Outside In: The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project Exhibition
April 28-June 4, 2017 1650
Harrison St. Hollywood, FL 33020

OUTSIDE IN provides a contextual framework for murals produced over the past five years for the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project, exploring the relationship between individual studio practices and public commissions. Artists included in this conversation approach public work from varied perspectives, some from a studio background and others from street art or graffiti backgrounds. Each public mural is a collaboration between an artist, the Community Redevelopment Agency of Hollywood, individual property owners, and Project Manager Jill Weisberg. OUTSIDE IN includes site specific installations, sketches, and objects that attempt to define the parameters between painting and sculpture, graffiti, street art, and public art. The aim of OUTSIDE IN is to further define the importance of constructing dialogues between urban walls and activating everyday spaces.

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